British Women Apparently Unable To Resist Ivy League Studs

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Watch out, ladies. British lasses are coming, and they want our most treasured specimens — "Ivy League men"! Worry not about the eclipse of America as a superpower: We've got David Duchovny and, um, "Dan Humphrey" from Gossip Girl?


According to The Times of London's Luisa Metcalfe:

The lure of meeting a dashing, über- intelligent Ivy League educated male like Barack Obama, Jake Gyllenhaal or GG's aspiring Dartford College [???] student Dan Humphrey - along with financial incentives and the promise of an elite education - is encouraging an increasing number of female school-leavers to shun Oxbridge and apply to America's top universities

We all know the sole draw of certain U.S. institutions is not resources, international stature or, God forbid, education. It's about snagging one of your very own Ivy League gentleman — the most prestigious form of M.R.S. degree. (Nevermind the British men who might come here too. It's a feminine invasion!) So what are these Adonises really like?

Adam Peterson acknowledges that this propensity for superiority is a downfall of his fellow Ivies, "the greatest thing they need to battle is losing the common touch. When you go to a dinner party and someone tells you how they speak Russian, Arabic and spend their time in Timbuktu, it will probably be an Ivy Leaguer. And it's not inter-personally attractive."

But seriously, you could consider it a refreshing change that men too are said to lose their attractiveness if they lack a "common touch." It's better than the idea that the women who actually enroll as equals alongside these geniuses face a life of working overtime to not intimidate potential mates. While I was at one of these august institutions, I wrote a somewhat uneven piece on guys who went off campus to impress girls on the basis of their SAT scores, and the women who went out of their way to do essentially the opposite. A few years later, I remain hopeful that power-couple-hungry mutual elitism can trump gender hierarchies. So, my British sisters, come on down.

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We U.S. ladies, however, like men from the Big Ten.