British mum Heather Howland was the paragon of perfect wifedom until she suffered from a brain hemorrhage in 2005 and became a hypersexual."The medical explanation is that she suffers from hypersexuality. It's a convoluted way of saying she's a nymphomaniac," says her husband Andy. "There was the builder, that bloke in the graveyard, the guy in your work," Andy begins to explain — then Heather breaks in, "Don't forget the man at the centre. And the young boy doing community service. Oh God, that was a bad one. I tried to drag him into the toilets." Is it wrong to say that as complications from brain surgery go, this one doesn't sound half bad? Especially since it's caused Andy to share some of the household duties. "Before, I was the sort of bloke who went out to work and left everything else — cooking, cleaning, looking after our son, our finances, our whole lives — to Heather... Now? It's different."
[Daily Mail]


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