27-year-old alliterative hacker James Jeffery, of the West Midlands Jefferys, admitted to hacking the British Pregnancy Advisory Service website after his arrest on Thursday. Jeffery, thought to be a member of the hacking group Anonymous, boasted on Twitter about stealing close to 10,000 database files containing details of women who'd registered on the site, a move that, in retrospect, doesn't seem very anonymous at all.

Cowed by the long arm (and funny wigs) of British justice, Jeffery has so far cooperated fully with authorities, revealing his motive (he disagreed with a relative's decision to terminate her pregnancy), his sundry other "computer misuse crimes," and his humble hacking opinion that several important-sounding websites such as those of the FBI, CIA, and House of Parliament, are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Thanks, Jimmy — I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I feel way better about the hacking stuff now that you've told us how vulnerable to a computer whiz's whims we are.


Man admits hacking abortion provider BPAS's website [BBC]

Image via Konstantin Sutyagin/Shutterstock.