British Lass Responds To Lady-Basher Tad Safran

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Remember Tad Safran? He wrote that British women are ill-kempt fatties who don't spend time or money on "obligatory beauty maintenance." Then he let everyone know that he did not regret what he'd written, though it earned him the title "Sexist Of The Year." Well, Carol Midgley, known as The Bargainhunter, has penned a response to Tad for the Times of London. Of the poorly dressed, badly groomed, "chunky" chicks Mr. Safran recoils from, she writes: "All I can think is that that's exactly the type of woman I'd like to be friends with: unmanicured nails, an aversion to gyms, crap skin caused by alcoholic late nights, non-Cowellesque teeth, a belief that only lap dancers should bother with intimate waxing." Oh, Ms. Midgley, you would love hanging out with us! She also points out that the kind of things Mr. Safran expects from women just don't make any sense:

Safran claims his US female friends spend £350 a month on "obligatory beauty maintenance." Really? How dull. Much more refreshing to read of this new survey by the British Skin Foundation which reveals that half of people in the UK don't remove their make-up before going to bed, mostly because they are too knackered, perhaps from looking after their kids or - imagine! - having a good time. Even better, it says that 46 per cent of us pay more than £7 for moisturiser, when a £3 non-branded product does the same job. So, instead of spending more on our beauty regime we should actually be spending less. Ha. High five.


In addition, she notes that though Mr. Safran may know American women who pluck, wax, manicure and exercise themselves into perfection, those women are by no means the norm. Prompts Midgely, has he ever "noticed those other few million American women who weigh 200ls and wear drawstring shorts and a scrunchie in their hair? For every SJP, there are 10,000 Roseanne lookalikes." Touché! Hey Carol, can we buy you a drink?

Long Live The British Slut [Times]



I still can't work out a good reason, and I mean REALLY good, for beauty maintenance to be "obligatory".

Taking care of oneself is good. Being clean, properly dressed for the season and healthy: all necessary. French manicure, bikini wax, facial peels, make-up, hair dye? Not at all necessary. Nice, maybe (except for French manicures and bikini waxes, yuck) but "obligatory"? Why? So that male chauvinist idiots like Safran can show us off to their brain-dead friends? I don't think so. I wouldn't want to go out with somebody who doesn't like my face without make-up. Thankfully, I don't have to.