British Kids Manage To Make "Prom" An Even More Hateful Institution

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Just one of the valuable export sectors keeping the American economy afloat, folks, but don't underestimate prom. Prom has come to Britain, and oh my god I hope it stays here. Two intrepid Wall Street Journal reporters today descend upon the prom of Michael Clarke, third from left, whose parents "at first balked when their 16-year-old son begged them to rent him a bright yellow Lamborghini plus driver for prom night." Mercifully, reason prevailed. "They gave in after their son promised to study harder in return." And the Clarkes, like many other British parents, ended up shelling out more than a grand to secure this promise. Inexplicably, school teachers are resisting this method of motivating their pupils, filling education websites with hateration along the lines of: "Ghastly import. Conspicuous consumption and pointless excess." But with the American economy going to shit (and the My Super Sweet 16 hosts of yore going to jail?) we are pleased to usher in this trend with some evidence that it will benefit our economy — and a fun video of dressed-up British high schoolers acting as obnoxious as American ones — after the jump.


Ruth Eckhardt, owner of Ruth, a dress shop in London, imports prom dresses from the U.S. because she can't find British makers. After customs duties, the dresses are marked up to about $275, from about $100 in the U.S. Ms. Eckhardt says she travels to U.S. trade shows four times a year to pick out the frocks.

And that's not all! It could even breathe life into the ailing American auto industry!

Mr. Kendall and 15 friends arrived at their prom in a hotel in Surrey in a stretch Hummer, rented for about $1,470. Also pulling up: a vintage Rolls-Royce, five other stretch Hummers, six stretch limos, a firetruck emitting soap bubbles and fake smoke, and a vintage Triumph with a gloved chauffeur in a military uniform.

Um, on second thought, I think they're actually going to beat us at our own game here. Like the Beatles, only if they had started out covering Akon songs.

Alien Invasion: High School Prom Lands In England, Causes A Bother [WSJ]

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@Archetype: I'm with you on this one. My cousin had a stretch Hummer at her wedding and I was covering my face every time I got in and out. Tres embarassing. Though not quite as embarassing as being picked up at the hotel the next day by my grandmother, in the same outfit, which was completely wrinkled and wet because it spent the night on the floor of the bathroom... Anyway. Limos suck.