British Housewives surf the internet more than any other group, spending an average of 47% of their 5.8 hours a day of spare time online, according to new research. This was longer than their counterparts in any other country, including the U.S., where housewives spend 38% of their free time online. Housewives went online more often and for longer time periods than students, workers, and the unemployed. The study by market research company TNS examined 27,500 people from 16 countries and found that on average, respondents spend about a third of their free time online. [Daily Mail, TNS]


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It's probably due to the piss-poor weather here. It sucks practically year round (up here in Scotland anyway). My theory is it drives the poor souls (myself included) indoors where they watch Jeremy Kyle (BLEUCH! I still can't understand who likes THAT CRAP.) or they surf the interwebs.