British Fat Cats Compete To Lose Weight • Australian Sex Party Takes Sex Seriously

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• Eight of Britain's most overweight companion animals (7 dogs and 1 cat) are embarking on a weight loss competition to be crowned this year's pet fit club champion by the veterinary charity PDSA. • A British couple rescued a rare albino hedgehog in their garden and drove it 250 miles round trip to a wildlife sanctuary. • Meanwhile, two women were attacked in western Tarzania by a gang of men who were looking for the women's albino children, whose body parts some believe hold magic powers. • Officials concerned about damage to airplanes from birds are now using dogs to chase away groups of birds off of airfields. •• Here are seven facts about HPV and Gardasil that every woman should know (like, did you know that HPV infection risk can increase with birth control pill use?). • Did you know that the inventor of the Slinky joined a Bolivian religious cult during a mid-life crisis in the 1960s? • The newest Wallace and Gromit film, A Matter of Loaf and Death, will not be eligible for an Oscar until 2010. • A female tiger cub was given a rare blood transfusion on Sunday after being beaten and then rescued by fearful villagers in India. • Australian Health Department officials are investigating dozens of massage parlors/brothels that write off their services as "therapeutic massages" and illegally billing health insurers. • The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden announced today that it is removing transvestism, gender identity disorder, fetishism and four other sexual behaviors from its list of diseases. • A recent study claims that young women who smoke are twice as likely to develop moderate to severe PMS. • Athene Donald, a British scientist whose research may help with treatment of Alzheimer's, was made a laureate for the prestigious For Women In Science awards coming up next March. • The Girls' Schools Association in the UK plans to launch a website in January aimed at parents of teenage daughters. • Tennis player Martina Navratilova says that her snoring is so loud that she has woken herself up on occasion. • People with low levels of the tau protein (which helps people maintain good memory skills) have fewer protein tangles that are associated with Alzheimer's. • In female life expectancy, Britain comes up 16th out of 25 European countries. The top Euro country for women? France. • A French court of appeals has overruled a previous verdict that annulled a marriage of two Muslims because the wife lied about her virginity. • Mothers in Seattle join up in groups for intensive pre-dawn workouts to fit in some exercise and stress relief in their hectic schedules. • The Australian Sex Party will be launched on Thursday and runs on a platform of sex education, reducing censorship and supporting gay marriage. Sounds good to us! •


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aww, British fat cats, I just had to put my cat on a diet. Poor Petey, he weighs 17 pounds, the vet is making me do it.