British Fashion Awards: Lots Of Fashion, Not All Of It Good

Designer/friend to animals Stella McCartney took the top prize for Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards last night ("My team really deserve this," she said.) Though it's awesome that Stella won, her outfit choice last night just screamed, "I give up!" That or, "Paul McCartney is my dad and Gwyneth Paltrow is my best friend so fuck you all." (Also, would it kill the woman to run a comb through her hair?) The other attendees seemed to make a great deal more effort, but with varying results. Model Erin O'Connor: Only getting better with age! Vivienne Westwood: Uh, the opposite of that prior statement! (We're beginning to wonder if Westwood's wacky looks are the least of her problems. She accepted her Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design Award by saying, "Everybody looks great tonight, so I'm pleased about that. On the other hand, in 100 years we're not even going to have enough oxygen to breathe.") Our take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the British Fashion Awards, after the jump.

The Good:


Erin O'Connor seriously takes our breath away and Thandie Newton is beautiful and pretty and lovely and every other synonym we can think of for those already used adjectives.

Lily Allen's dress may be a little too pink and a little too, uh, shredded? But it can't be denied that the girl looks good. Similarly, though we loathe smug ol' Horrible (H)Agyness Deyn, we do like the (sorta ridiculous) dress.

The Bad:


Even Daisy Lowe's outrageous beauty cannot save that dress. Also, is she wearing her scary tattoo tights over her shoes? Just us, or does Kimberley Stewart's dress look uneven, and not in an intentional, "artistic" sort of way? Also, too tight and a little ca. 1988?


To borrow a wonderful Michael Kors-ism, Kelly Osbourne's dress is a little M.O.B. and Dita von Teese needs to stick to the wasp waist: She's drowning in this gold sack!

The Ugly:


Vivienne Westwood needs no further comment.

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