There have been over 2,500 "copycat" attempts to hack into the British Pregnancy Advisory Service's (BPAS) website since a member of Anonymous was arrested for stealing around 10,000 personal records off the site on March 9th. A spokesperson for BPAS, which is the country's largest abortion provider but also provides contraception, STI testing, and other services for low-income women, said the attacks had no impact on their services and that all records were completely secure. Phew!

"This is significantly lower than anything we might have anticipated," she added, which sounds odd — 2,500 attempts seems like, well, a lot of attempts! — but the original attempt by James Jeffrey, alias PabloEscboar (Really? Out of all the hacker names you could choose from, really?), involved 26,000 separate attacks over a six-hour period. Let's hope the attempts continue to dwindle.


Copycat hackers target abortion provider's website [UK Telegraph]

Image via Alexander A. Kataytsev /Shutterstock.