Bristol Palin Hopes We'll Forget That Whole Teen-Pregnancy Incident

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Perhaps you don't remember this, but Dancing With The Stars contestant Bristol Palin actually rose to post-political fame because she's a teen mother! So why has Bristol banned her Teen Mom pals from the DWTS audience?


While DWTS frequently invites celebrity fans to sit in the audience, an anonymous ABC executive tells Popeater,

Bristol Palin has made it very clear to the show producers that she doesn't want the teen moms in the audience cheering her on no matter how much it might boost ratings.

Here's a recap for those who haven't been following Bristol's career (i.e. Bristol herself, apparently): At 17, she announced she was pregnant while her mother was running for Vice President. It's true that Sarah Palin's nomination made the whole clan famous for their wacky names and taste for moose chili. However, Bristol's pregnancy is the only reason that the ups and downs of her romantic life are featured on tabloid covers, while all we know about her sister Willow is that she enjoys vodka with a Mountain Dew chaser.

Since her mother lost the election, Bristol has managed to stay in the headlines by bickering with the father of her baby in public, making PSAs as an abstinence advocate for the Candie's Foundation, and showing off her robotic acting skills on The Secret Life Of The American Teenager.


Recently, Bristol's expertise in all things underage pregnancy-related led to her working with the Teen Mom stars themselves. In May, she spoke at the Candie's Foundation's town hall meeting "The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All" with MTV stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham. Just two weeks ago, we read reports that Bristol and Maci are planning to co-star in a reality show described as "Teen Mom Meets The Hills."


So why is Bristol suddenly shunning her new BFF Maci? A DWTS insider explains to Popeater:

Bristol has hit the restart button on this show...We no longer think of her as Sarah Palin's daughter or that young girl who had a baby with Levi as a teen, but rather as a young lady trying hard to win a competition.


Of course! Bristol's too big a star now to associate with riff-raff like the Teen Mom stars. While those young women are only on TV because they had an unwanted pregnancy, Bristol's celebrity is based on her talent for singing, acting, nuanced policy analysis, not getting voted off a reality competition despite her astoundingly mediocre dancing.

Mama Grizzly Jr. Bristol Palin Bars 'Teen Mom' Stars From 'Dancing' [Popeater via Newser]


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