Since the world was introduced to America's snow angels Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston in 2008, the two lovebirds have since gone their separate ways. Bristol's stumbled across the sequined-encrusted hellscape of Dancing With the Stars and into reality TV, and Levi's waved his hockey stick around the pages of Playgirl. Gradually, they went from America's sweethearts to the children in the middle of a Hatfields/McCoys style feud. And now, Bristol's claiming that Levi owes her a crapload of money.

The abstinence expert and recipient of "jaw surgery" says her ex-boyfriend hasn't paid her a red cent of child support since June of 2010. The state's ruled that he owes her $1,750 per month, and so he owes Bristol a grand total of about $38,500. That's a lot of fancy bouquets for Kathy Griffin and caribou hunting licenses.


Her attorney says that they haven't aggressively pursued the funds because they hoped Levi would do the right thing and pay voluntarily, but if Johnston fails to pay up, he could have his wages garnished.

Meanwhile, Johnston and Palin both continue their respective post-2008 orgies of right-thing-doing, as Johnston has impregnated his current girlfriend in Wasilla and Bristol plans to move in with her current boyfriend in a "trial marriage" type situation as she prepares for yet another reality TV show on Lifetime called Life's a Tripp. But don't worry — she's totally not sleeping with him. They have one of those abstinent co-habitational situations all the kids are going crazy for nowadays.

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