While it would be spectacular to see an ensemble comedy β€” featuring women β€” that is not about brides or babies, it seems like Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wiig, has potential.

The trailer is not chock-full of laughs, but it's cool that Kristen's character is single, and has to deal with a bunch of weird ladies she obviously has little in common with β€” the bridesmaids. Usually, movies tend to portray women as fast friends and clumps of clones β€” same hair, clothes, personality. It's obvious that each of these bridesmaids is wackadoodle in her own special way. Still: It sucks that Maya Rudolph's bride doesn't have any black (or Asian or Latina) bridesmaids. On the upside? Jon Hamm in bed! In a word: Unf.

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