Forget about lifting the veil — lift the dress! That is the insane logic applied to this alleged trend of getting the entire bridal party to lift their dresses and stick out their asses for a phun photo op. If this is a real thing, might I suggest that it is the duckface of bridal photo. Except, you know asses.

Over at the Elite Daily, we learn that there are at least a handful of photos circulating wherein bridesmaids and the bride-to-be are all showing some serious ass, to varying degrees of ass-ness.


For instance:



Bridesmaids are naughty. They are so naughty. Sometimes, they are so naughty they have to cover their mouths because the naughtiness is so shocking.


Sometimes just a finger to the mouth will get the job of telegraphing naughtiness done.

A friend pointed out that at least two of the bridesmaids in green are like, 12 years old.


Another friend wondered, Were the bridesmaids warned? I don't see any Spanx.

Someone else said: Bridesmaids don't wear white! And there are two women in veils! That looks like goofing around on a porno set.


Also, why is it surprising that it's your ass? Like, oops, there is my ass? When my ass is revealed I never act surprised, maybe on account of knowing it is there.

Hey guyz, asses.

Ass is the new leg.

You guys! Asses are fun. What is wrong with an ass?

Nothing. Do whatever, but I mean, like why asses. What is next? A not-so-subtle tit flash?


Everyone here just peed and forgot to fix their dress after they left the bathroom AT THE SAME TIME.

Ok, I think these women are actually having fun:


Every sin imaginable will be committed by this bridal party OK?

Bridesmaids, explain yourselves.

P.S. Will never be a bridesmaid again.

UPDATE: It's come to our attention that some of the more polished pictures here are from porn. But several of the images still strike us as pretty legit, so let's call this one a "burgeoning half-trend."

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