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Brides-To-Be Are Fond Of Fisticuffs • Jenny Craig Co-Founder Dies

Illustration for article titled Brides-To-Be Are Fond Of Fisticuffs • Jenny Craig Co-Founder Dies

Brides-to-be in Hong Kong find that boxing is a good way to tone up before their wedding days...and kick some serious ass should their groom sget out of line. • Preconception care is becoming an important part of healthy planned pregnancies. • The Guardian claims that Mr. Methane, is the world's only "professional flatulist"; have they never heard of Fartman? •


• Jenny Craig co-founder, Sid Craig, has passed away at the age of 76. • The domain name "" was bizarrely given over to the C.S. Lewis estate from a father who had purchased the domain name for his 11-year-old son. • People living in London boroughs find people living in wealthy areas as being the most attractive. • Dozens of pantyhose have been left daily near an Milford school bus stop in England for 2 years and residents are planning to do their own sting operation to find the litterer. • Wal-Mart has teamed up with Disney to become the "retail headquarters" of Hannah Montana and plans on giving out free Hannah Montana "wake-up calls" in an effort to boost back to school sales. • Teens are more likely to be less sexually active if their parents do not engage in negatively controlling behaviors, a new "suggestive" study has found.• Two-thirds of people who erase their tattoos are women. • The bad housing market prompts a WWF Diva to give away her unwanted home for a charity essay contest. • A nude painting by Sir Gerald Kelly was put back on show in an a gallery in Newport, England after it was banned for 60 years for being "too brazen", only to be taken down again because the woman is depicted smoking. • Teenage girls who eat with their families during middle school are less likely to drink or smoke within the next five years.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@Political Party Girl: I'm going with you (since I'm sponsoring someone to go to Denver, but am not sure I'm going myself).

The first thing I thought was: Diet Haters Squad Assassin Counts: Nidetch, Atkins, Craig ...

In the immortal words of Rafa's KIA ad: "Who's next?"