Brides, Botox & Yogurt: Sarah Haskins Targets Those Who Target Women

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Recently, while searching for that damn all-black issue of Italian Vogue, I gazed upon a shelf at a bookstore labeled "Women's Interest." The shelf was filled with wedding magazines. (And underneath: Cooking.) Really? Women have no other interest? I was still seething about this when I saw Sarah Haskins' "Target Women: Weddings" video over on Current TV. It's a teardown of all the bride and wedding-related shows on the We channel. The clips of Bridezillas and Bulging Brides programs filled me with hate. Watching svelte women be told they're too fat to get married and watching women who are getting married act like selfish, egomaniacal, misanthropic sociopaths not only made me hate the wedding industry, but the We channel. And women. And humanity. Thanks, Sarah Haskins! You're hilarious. And, um. Who are you?


Salon writer Kate Harding has a girlcrush on her. NPR interviewed her about the female vote. You've seen her mocking yogurt that makes you poop. But do you know Sarah Haskins? She's a Harvard-educated funnylady whose segments on Current TV's infoMania deal with issues like botox. She's a Chicago comedy alum who has recently moved to L.A. She likes Sesame Street and Eddie Izzard. And, in an interview with Chicago comedy blog The Bastion, Ms. Haskins is asked, point blank: Are you a feminist? She answers thusly:

Yes, I'm a feminist. It is an extension of my lifelong war against pantyhose. To me it means that as women we are individuals before we are gendered people and that we're not defined by our gender except in the ways we chose to appropriate that definition. We're in a weird generation, right? Our Moms were forced to grapple with that definition more immediately, and I think it's changed as we've grown up. The core issue "how do I fight bias against me because of my gender" is still there but has gotten more complicated and wrapped into all kinds of identity issues about how you present yourself as a woman and I pretty much think it's your choice and fuck pantyhose.

Yeah, okay, it's official, I love you. What's next for Sarah Haskins? "Ultimate goals? Nobel Prize for Literature," she says. "Failing that, I would like a long career where I do a lot of different things. I look at the careers of people like Mike Nichols, Tina Fey, and Steve Martin - they've all done great work in a number of roles and mediums. I hope to make a few good things." You already have, my friend. You already have!

Peep the awesome bride-oriented video below:

Sarah Haskins on "Angry" women voters:

Sarah Haskins on Botox:

Sarah Haskins on yogurt:

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okay, this is rather o/t (okay, completely o/t) but i really need to rant.

i just got called into the HR guy's office (v. small company) because i'm *too assertive*. apparently, since one of the salesmen (i'm the receptionist) neglected to fill something i need out properly for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW, and i sent him an email saying he needs to do this (after asking him nicely for the past two weeks), that's *too aggressive*. and the HR guy admitted that since i'm young (and as i pointed out— and he didn't deny— a woman) it's *difficult* for *older men* to deal with me telling them they messed up. so i need to take a *gentler tone* with them.

i'd fucking quit if i hadn't already (21 days left).