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A woman who tried to stop TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress from airing her episode before her wedding day won’t get the happy ending she wants.


Alexandra Godino filed an injunction, claiming she filled in for another bridal subject who dropped out of the show.

Godino says she asked the producers to make sure the episode would air after her wedding in May. Unfortunately, she signed a release that didn’t state exactly when the episode would air. TMZ reports:

Godino was seeking an injunction so the episode wouldn’t air Friday, claiming it would spoil the surprise of her wedding dress before her May nuptials.

The judge didn’t buy it and reprimanded Godino for waiting until the last moment because she knew about the air date since mid-February. One last blow ... when the judge asked if Godino could just ask her fiance to not watch the episode, Godino’s attorney replied, “she could.”


Right, this could be solved by telling her fiancée to avoid watching the episode, therefore he wouldn’t see her dress or potentially jinx their entire marriage.

Maybe she’s worried about friends blasting screenshots of the episode across social media or sending them to him but those are probably shitty friends. In that case, tough luck.

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