Breitbart Is Sending Cease and Desist Letters to Ex-Employees

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Breitbart, a.k.a. Donald Trump’s Xanga, recently saw an exodus of staffers, after the publication refused to defend Michelle Fields’ report that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed and pulled her to the ground. Staffers resigned, calling the publication “Trump’s Pravda,” and an “unaffiliated media super PAC for the Trump campaign.”


Now, Breitbart has reportedly sent out cease and desist letters to several of the six employees who resigned this week, according to Politico, perhaps hoping that the public will forget about the monumental typhoon of shit with which it has continuously pummeled the internet.

Politico’s Hadas Gold writes:

Breitbart has gotten into legal battles with former employees in the past. Conservative radio host Dana Loesch sued the company in 2012, claiming that Breibart refused to let her work for the site or any other company. Loesch and Breitbart eventually settled. According to several sources, most Breitbart employees, though not all, are on contracts that likely include non-disparagement clauses.

The idea of Breitbart attempting to stop the relatively measured criticism from its former employees is like trying to stop a ship from sinking with a lone water wing.

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Mother Of Unicorns

Are non-disparagement clauses actually enforceable? I would assume they're just a way for Breitbart to bully former employees in hopes that they won't actually go to court over it.