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Breast-feeding got you anxious about your holiday party schedule? Well, at least one person says that it's cool to drink spiked eggnog and then nurse your baby—just don't go crazy.


According to Melina Wenner Moyer over at Slate, nursing mothers can have one or two drinks without turning their baby into a little alcoholic, but it's all in the way and time period one does it. For example, waiting after your drank could solve the entire conundrum:

… when your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent, alcohol is in your milk at a 0.08 percent concentration, too. These concentrations peak about 30 to 45 minutes after you've had your glass, and then they both start to drop as your body breaks the wine down. So instead of having to throw your milk away after you've been drinking ("pump and dump"), you simply need to wait. Once you've sobered up, your milk will be alcohol-free again.


If you're kid-less like me, "pump and dump" refers to when mothers literally pump their breast milk out and throw it away because it might be contaminated. What a waste!

Elsewhere, rumor has it that dark beer increase a woman's milk supply. But that's incorrect, according to a 1991 study alcohol in general reduces milk production in humans. Sorry Guinness fans.

So if you're contemplating a drink or two, Wenner Moyer thinks it's fine but no binge drinking, obviously. Cheers!

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