Breastfeeding A Friend's Baby: Bonding? Or A Blurring Of Boundaries?

Earlier today Good Morning America reported that "cross nursing," or moms breastfeeding their friends' children, is on the rise. In the clip above, moms Sarah and Morgan explain that they started cross nursing one day when Morgan was watching Sarah's 3-month-old son. He was crying and wanted to nurse, and Morgan thought, "Okay, Buddy, we'll just go ahead and do this." (Morgan doesn't say she'd discussed this with Sarah beforehand, so there was probably a pretty awkward conversation when Sarah came to pick the baby up.) Now Morgan regularly breastfeeds Sarah's son, a practice that many mothers find "disgusting" or "weird", according to one poll. Sarah and Morgan (like writer Jennifer Baumgardner) say that cross nursing is actually a way for mothers to bond and create a sense of community. Clip above.

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Nobody has commented on the most important thing from this interview: the weird half moon tattoo on the woman's forehead. I couldn't concentrate on the interview at all, because I kept saying to myself, "what is that? is it a bruise? is it just a shadow? no, its got to be a tattoo, but why? why in the middle of the forehead?"

also, if you knew the other woman's health status and you were both cool with it, what's the big deal. I'd be less than thrilled if I came home and my friend was like "hey, I fed your kid...with my boob...hope that's cool", but pre-agreed upon, who cares?