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Breast Feeding Grosser than Dicks on Funny or Die

A New York comedienne had her videos removed and her account suspended from Funny or Die after posting a video of her breast feeding her infant twins to the site. After she complained that there are dicks and boobs all over the place on there, the powers that be apologized and is in the process of reinstating her account.


The offensive video wherein boobs are used for something other than sexiness is called "Leah Got a Job" and features New Yorker Ahna Tessler talking about how she's happy she got a job as an art teacher, even though she hates kids. While she's talking, the camera pans down to reveal that she's breast feeding during the tirade.

After posting it, she noticed after an hour that not only had the video not posted, but her other videos were removed. She asked a site administrator why the video was taken down, and was told that someone had flagged the breast feeding video as "obscene."


Another administrator clarified that because her account was new, whoever had removed it probably thought she was a spammer. A press rep for the site added that Funny or Die supports breast feeding "in all forms, especially between consenting adults."

Tessler had no idea that the site would take such umbrage with a depiction of a woman breastfeeding, and that she didn't even think she was pushing the envelope with the video. She told the Times,,
"If I wanted to shock them, I would have shown my breasts in a very sexual manner. I wouldn't have been feeding my children."

And the Great Breastfeeding Wars of the 2010's rage on. Someday, there will be a 10 part PBS documentary about this, directed by Ken Burns.

Breast feeding video prompts harsher response than intended [NYT]

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Tandem nursers, I salute you. One is hard enough.

(Also - shout out to the MyBrestFriend nursing pillow! The Boppy is crap! Don't buy it!)

Dear all: this isn't really about the relative humor of her video. I don't think the site has a "you must be THIS funny to ride" bar on it. It's about knee-jerk removal of BOOBSSCARYMAKETHEMGOAWAY. But my guess is this was the result of something slightly more automated or somebody screwing around than an actual comment by the site runners on BFing. Same with removal of images on FB. It's mostly automated. So step back. This isn't the most important front in the fight to normalize nursing. Let's not waste too much time or too many pixels reiterating the "but boobs are FOR nursing let's not hide them, blah blah" lines.