Are you wasting too much time monitoring your crush's relationship status on Facebook when you could be obsessively doodling their name or running your pictures through one of those baby face generators? Shockingly enough, there's an app for that. Just tell whose realtionships you're keeping tabs on, and it will email you when their status changes.

Program developer Dan Loewenherz tells the Huffington Post:

I hope that people use it for good and not evil—it's merely practical. If you're going to check someone's profile every day, you might as well get rid of the tedium and have the changes get delivered right to your inbox instead. When people don't list their relationship status, Breakup Notifier reads it as "Unknown". So if someone changes, you'll get an email like the following:

"Hi Shirley,
Joe Shmoe has changed his relationship status to "Single" from "In a relationship". Get on it!

The Breakup Notifier"

Voilà! Now all you have to do is convince this individual to date you, despite your overwhelming sketchiness.

Breakup Notifier
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