French women don't get fat... they get even. Today's obsession is Gallic artist Sophie Calle (right), whose latest art installation involves taking a breakup email sent to her by an ex-boyfriend and having 107 other women โ€” including a copy editor, etiquette consultant, forensic psychiatrist, journalist, clown, and famous actress (Vanessa Redgrave) โ€” analyze and/or interpret the missive. According to the Washington Post, Calle's work โ€” titled "Take Care Of Yourself" and currently on view at the Venice Biennale โ€” also includes translations of the email into Latin, Braille, Morse code, bar code and shorthand (emphasis ours); versions of the letter set to music and sung by an opera singer and a pop star (Peaches); and videos that portray, among other things, Calle "undergoing couples counseling, with her ex-boyfriend represented by his email, sitting on an empty chair."

Hilarious, yes, but is Calle's creation angry and inaccessible? No, says Washington Post writer Blake Gopnik, who points out that "laughter was the almost universal response of the [viewers]". But even if it was, who cares? The next time we get dumped over text message, we're getting that shit translated into smoke signals and semophore.

A Woman Scorned Turns Rejection Into An Art Form [Washington Post]
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Sophie Calle