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Breaking: You Can't Guess How Many People A Woman Has Slept With By Looking At Her.

Illustration for article titled Breaking: You Cant Guess How Many People A Woman Has Slept With By Looking At Her.

"One's a virgin, another has slept with 50 men... can you guess how many lovers these women have had? You may be surprised..." Why yes, this is the Daily Mail! And no, actually you won't be.


Actually, whether or not you're in the habit of making snap judgments about the number of partners a woman's had based on her appearance, you won't have a chance to guess: each of the five subjects (whose partner-rates range from 0 to 50) has the magic number emblazoned across her red.

How they got anyone to participate in this — from the virgin to the mother of four (5) - I could not begin to guess. Each one gives an itemized list of her partners, talks about losing her virginity and, to a woman, ends up with "the one." The point, I guess, is to discourage us from making assumptions about these things — but we weren't planning to, until this article invited us to guess and defined them, for these few paragraphs, completely by their number of partners. All we came away with is that we're never, ever going to agree to do a fluff piece with the Daily Mail - and that Shelly (50)'s belt is really nice and we'd like to know where to find it.


One's A Virgin, Another Has Slept With 50 Men...[Daily Mail]

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RousseMacabre, from Ravenclaw

I'm a virgin, and I found that one of the women saying she was ''prudish'' so that's why she waited until she was 17 to lose her virginity pretty annoying.

I'm 19 and I'm NOT prudish. I enjoy my sexuality and enjoy sharing it with others in other physical forms of affection. It's not that I don't desire sex, or aren't comfortable with my sexuality, it's that the opportunity has never arisen. The few boyfriends I have had did not last longer than two months, and I didn't consider that enough time with someone in which I felt comfortable enough to have sex with them. I still felt unready.

I feel ready at the age I'm at now, especially with, what I consider, sufficient knowledge of birth-control methods and a good attitude towards the kind of communication and comfortableness two partners should bring to the sex they have, no matter if they're friends or monogamous partners. I quite look forward to begin having healthy, safe, and enjoyable sexual encounters. But I am tired of many people in the media, some of my friends, and others treating virginity at 19 as some rare and strange thing. It's not.

It's not commendable that I'm a virgin at 19. It's commendable that I know myself and my body well enough to respect what would and would not be most desirable at a certain time for myself. I'm so incredibly tired of the need to count sexual partners, like it's some game of cricket or something, and if you do not have any, you MUST have some sort of moral or religious or PRUDISH reason for not having sex yet. If you do, especially if the number is seen as big, oh my, you randy little slut!! It is all so ridiculous and it makes my head hurt to think about.