The oft-parodied scene in The Graduate where Ben Braddock bangs desperately on the glass door of the chapel, interrupting Elaine Robinson's wedding, is generally thought of as an incredibly romantic cinematic moment. And, like many cinematic moments, when they happen in real life they're totally creepy. The New York Times had an article on Saturday about a group of psycho ex-girlfriends who tried to sabotage their former boyfriends' weddings. One woman found out the details of her ex-boyfriend's wedding and tried to cancel the caterer and told the bridal salon to ship the dress to the wrong house. Melissa Gullickson managed to stop just short of boarding the crazy train. She was going to disrupt her ex's wedding, but " As I unfurled this devious plan to my friends. I heard myself talking and realized what a jerk I was being."

It's sort of easy to mock Gullickson, but who among us hasn't descended into the throes of post-relationship craziness now and again? I've been with the same person for three and a half years, and while I don't really give a hoot about any of my exes, I still look at their current girlfriends on facebook and make snide comments about them in my head. Obviously, that's an entirely different animal from actively trying to ruin someone else's wedding, but where do you draw the line between normal ex-related pettiness and total insanity?

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