Breaking: Not All Men Comically Terrified Of Marriage.

"Where did you hear that, a Kate Hudson movie?" my boyfriend asked me. No!!


In his article "Do men really want to get married?" Alex Wellen discovers that, in fact, contrary to popular belief (?) some do. ""Real men" are perceived as committing "till death do us part" for the wrong reasons — they marry out of convenience or under duress, and they acquiesce, kicking and screaming all the way to the altar." Then he gives us a bunch of cases in which guys decided they wanted to get married. One guy realized he did when his dad suggested it. Another discovered he was committed when his girlfriend helped him through a rough time. A third had to deal with a drug addiction.

They're nice to read, as all happy endings are, but it makes me depressed to think that "some men actually choose to get married!" is really that much of a revelation to people. (By extension, I suppose, a voluntarily single dame would be equally noteworthy.) While it's naturally understood that guys have to marry to continue the familial line, produce heirs, strengthen alliances, and fatten the family coffers by means of advantageous marriage, we did realize that a few enter into the state willingly. And by the way, we're assuming this argument is limited to "heterosexual men," since the past year has shown no shortage of gay men eager to make things legal with their partner. Don't get me wrong: bully on all these fellas and I wish them happy. But even as it serves to refute the hoary stereotype, this piece is reinforcing it by knocking down an antiquated rom-com-worthy straw man.

Do Men Really Want To Get Married? [CNN]



I read this and my first thought was: Why does anybody want to get married anyway? Then I thought: Thats cynical! Then I thought: No, no actually in a non-offensive just plain curious way I would really like to know from men, women, gay, strait, and everyone inbetween and outside and just plain human. Why do you want to get married and do you feel a need to be married?