BREAKING NEWS: Karl Lagerfeld Changes Clothes

  • Breaking news! Karl Lagerfeld changed his uniform. He's now rocking a gray suit and a bow tie, in contrast to the black suit and a skinny tie of yore. This is akin to the time Jay-Z announced he had stopped wearing sports jerseys, and you can expect its effects to be felt on the Karl Lagerfeld figurine industry and the Karl Lagerfeld party impersonator industry soonest. [FabSugar UK]
  • "I told them, 'I'll only do it if you make me a guitar case with the logo on it,' " says Keith Richards, of what made him agree to be the new face of Louis Vuitton. Way to haggle, Keith! [USA Today]
  • Barneys Creative Director/general master of awesomeness Simon Doonan's memoir of his childhood, Nasty is being turned into a TV show called Beautiful People thanks to the producer of The Office and Asbolutely Fabulous. "It's a low-rent Madame Bovary," he says. We may just be watching this. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Speaking of which, says Donatella Versace of Doonan, after their stint parading in the Barneys windows together: "I think Simon actually wants to be a mannequin." [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Is the push-up bra the greatest fashion invention of all time? Because we were thinking that inflatable bra you can carry a bottle of wine around in was kind of cooler. [Daily Mail]
  • Brooks Brothers signed 21-year-old LPGA golfer Taylor Leon as its first female spokeswoman. I'm sure it's because she's really exotic-looking and has an innate sense of style but I don't really know/care who she is. [WWD, 4th item]
  • English Misshapes-y celebutante Peaches Geldof is designing a clothing line. You know, every time I think, "I have just about had it with psudo celebrity endorsement deal whatevers," something like this happens, and I wonder, "is it time to excise the 'just about' from that statement"? Is this really the final straw? But you can't waste the final straw on fucking PEACHES GELDOF. Anyway, still deciding; carry on. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • The rumors are true: A Rem Koolhaas-Miuccia Prada art museum is on. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Banana Republic: Now in the UK. [Vogue UK]
  • But uh-oh: Are Banana Republic's wares being made by workers in India who are being forced to work 70-hour weeks for less than minimum wage? How ever could a nice company like Banana Republic allow something like that to happen? [Guardian]
  • Also in the UK, illustrator Will Broome for Topshop, who says of his work, "Like a Care Bear that is beyond caring; My Little Pony on a trip to the glue factory; Paddington on the psychiatrist's couch." [Vogue UK]
  • Despite sucky economy, Guess is doing really, really well and opening up a shitload of new stores. And somewhere in Heaven, Anna Nicole smiles that woozy faraway smile of hers. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • The economy may be in trouble, but don't worry about Nike! They're making money hand over fist! [Reuters]
  • A new "life coaching" book called What Would Jackie Do? Uh, besides smile through years of emotional abuse and pathological infidelity? Do I really want to know? [FabSugar]
  • Smelly razors = bad idea. [BellaSugar]

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