Breaking! In Hollywood, Thin is In!

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Hollywood is like one of those sorority houses where the pipes are always having to be replaced because all the bulimics who live there have eroded them with rivers of vomit. Every few years some plumber trudges out and does the filthy work of removing the puke-encrusted pipes, and the plumber reports back to the dean what he saw, and she acts horrified, and makes the sorority hold a big meeting where they talk about The Dangers of Eating Disorders, where some girl stands up and talks about how she personally doesn't have one but she knows that some girls do, and everyone looks at her like, Whatever, she is pretty thin. I wonder how much she weighs? And then a few years later the whole thing happens all over again. Anyway, what the fuck was I talking about?


Oh yeah. This LA Times article about how everyone in Hollywood is freaky skinny is kind of like that, with all of the actresses in Hollywood as the sorority girls who are suffering from the "contagion" effects of living in such an image-conscious world ("It's very easy for the person to say, 'All my fellow actresses are not eating. They are losing weight, so I want to lose weight too," says one therapist. "Sometimes they show each other the tricks.") and Jodie Foster as the obnoxious thin girl who denies she's ever had a problem ("Coming out of the '60s and the feminist revolution, Foster says, she can't imagine going 'down that route. You wouldn't want anyone to think they owned you or want someone to only talk about your body...This new generation is not of that era.") Us Weekly's Janice Min is the bitchy-but-realistic head of the sorority ("You don't want to be the one actress whose photo is taken with two skinny actresses and you look like Shrek") and the writer, Rachel Abramowitz is like the plumber, dredging up the same ugly problem we all know exists but no one can really do anything about, except be really grossed out.
The Skinny On Hollywood [LA Times, sub req'd]



I have basically spent my entire life feeling insecure about my body size and at 5'8" I fluctuate between a size 10 and a size 12. It's funny, I look back to pictures of myself in high school and I look like a million bucks, but I was completely obsessed with my own inadequacies. I couldn't even appreciate myself. It certainly has not kept me from living my life or being happy or learning to accept the fact that I will never wear a size 2, but it has never been something that I have completely been able to put out of my mind. I think that says a lot about the mindset of society for the past 20+ years.