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Breaking: "Gosselin Kids No Longer Believe in Santa Claus"

Illustration for article titled Breaking: Gosselin Kids No Longer Believe in Santa Claus

No, it's not The Onion, it's an US Weekly exclusive: a source tells the magazine that the eight Gosselin kids not only know there's no Santa Claus, they're telling all the other kids at school. Seriously. [US Weekly]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

My grandpa used to dress up like Santa Claus for my cousins and I every Christmas eve. When I was in about third grade, he took me and two cousins of mine who were around my age, and told us that he was going to show us "Santa's trick." He took off his beard to reveal that he was really our grandpa.

Now, until that point, I'd truly believed that the cranky guy with the bag of presents who grumbled at my cousins and I every Christmas Eve really was Santa, and Grandpa's revelation did nothing to deter my belief that Santa was real.

When I went back to school after Christmas vacation, I told all of the kids that my grandpa was actually Santa Claus.