If you're not interested in getting pregnant, this new study might inspire you to be more vigilant with condom use. Nonprofit sexual research organization the Guttmacher Institute claims that half of all pregnancies are unplanned and one in four American women will get preggers because of inconsistent contraceptive use. There are several reasons for erratic contraceptive use, reports Guttmacher, including lack of access to health care, being unable to afford birth control pills, and major life changes like the end of a relationship, a move, job change or personal crisis. Often when women are lax about birth control, researchers reason, they are ambivalent about preventing pregnancy. Many women surveyed "confessed that they would be very pleased if they found out they were pregnant," Reuters notes. Speaking of women who are pleased to be pregnant, yesterday, a second baby was born among the young women plucked from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound in Texas.

Louisa Bradshaw Jessop gave birth to a son — her third child — in Austin, Texas. Jessop says that she is 22, though state authorities believe her to be 17. Jessop's husband, Rulan Danial Jessop, 24, "filed a habeas corpus petition in Austin last Wednesday that argues his wife is being improperly detained by the state," according to the Salt Lake Tribune. For now, a Texas judge has allowed a temporary restraining order against the Department of Family and Protective services to prevent them from moving Louisa and her baby to San Antonio.

We don't know how big Louisa's baby is, but if it is a super wee one, the boy has a greater chance of growing into an angry young man. According to research from the University of Helsinki, low birth rate and slow growth in childhood lead to "increased levels of hostility in adults," and this hostility is a harbinger of health troubles like heart issues and type 2 diabetes. Maybe that woman who's still breastfeeding her eight-year-old is just doing it to prevent her child's ire!

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