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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

BREAKING: Anna And Moe Liveblog The Anna Nicole Paternity Test Results

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

BirkheadBlonde: ok also so larry birkhead.
BirkheadBlonde: Who exactly is he?
AnnaNicole: a photographer. i dunno
AnnaNicole: a paparazzo?
BirkheadBlonde: He's endearing.
BirkheadBlonde: Am I right?
BirkheadBlonde: Is that blasphemous
AnnaNicole: yes except for the fact that he fucked anna nicole smith!
BirkheadBlonde: But if someone's gotta raise her spawn.
BirkheadBlonde: I mean..
BirkheadBlonde: I wouldn't exactly trust *her* mother to do it.
AnnaNicole: i'm glad with the result i'm just still grossed out that he put his dick in her
BirkheadBlonde: rammed it, even

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AnnaNicole: oy. no, i don't think ramming was necessary. she was probably well loosened up from practice.
AnnaNicole: that is so mean of me! i forgot: she had an unremarkable anus.
BirkheadBlonde: she coulda had a non-botched vaginoplasty
BirkheadBlonde: hahahahahaha
BirkheadBlonde: HAH!
BirkheadBlonde: right, so i love "it's just hard to do this by myself"
BirkheadBlonde: like anna nicole would have been so much help!!!!
AnnaNicole: i feel sorry for howard for some reason
BirkheadBlonde: um, ew.
AnnaNicole: did u find graphic?
BirkheadBlonde: wait, he's actually kind of hot, howard k. stern.
AnnaNicole: ARE YOU CRAZY?????
BirkheadBlonde: well, obviously.
BirkheadBlonde: you wouldn't want me any other way.
AnnaNicole: so true
BirkheadBlonde: that's a billy joel reference
BirkheadBlonde: btw
BirkheadBlonde: i don't know if billy joel is too modern for your tastes
BirkheadBlonde: lol
AnnaNicole: you're so culturally literate!
AnnaNicole: haha
BirkheadBlonde: actually a cover of the billy joel song i am referencing was the theme song to the short lived sitcom "dave's world"
BirkheadBlonde: about the life of columnist dave barry
BirkheadBlonde: just to show you how culturally literate I REALLY am