Breaking: a judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Drew Peterson on gun charges. Of the guns that were confiscated by police, one was too short under Illinois law. Peterson is a former police officer whose fourth wife, Stacy, has been missing since October. His third wife's death was recently ruled a homicide. [My Fox Chicago]


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Lady Skittlehattington

Nah. You don't need a helmet. It will be fine. What could possibly

happen as you're on your way to the Rope and Duct Tape Emporium? You

don't want to get helmet hair do you? Do you? You'll never find a fifth

wife like that. Just go and let the breeze blow through your hair.

Surely there won't be any people hiding in the bushes at the corner of

Main and Elm with a big bucket of rusty nails and a few bludgeons. How

unlikely. Off you go then.