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Lori Drew has been found not guilty of felony hacking charges, but was convicted of three misdemeanors, according to Wired. The one charge of conspiracy remains undecided, as the jury was deadlocked on that count. Wired elaborates: "Jurors found Drew guilty only of conspiring to gain unauthorized access to MySpace for the purpose of obtaining information on Megan Meier — a misdemeanor that will likely carry no jail time. The jury unanimously rejected the three computer hacking charges, and a felony conspiracy charge that alleged the unauthorized access was part of a scheme to intentionally inflict emotional distress on Megan." CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin says that Drew is likely to get probation and nothing more. There is still a chance that Judge George Wu may throw out the entire case and acquit Drew, as he said he would decide on a defense request after the jury's verdict. [Wired]


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