Break-Ups Are Ugly

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Michelle Williams is totally getting the shit-end of the stick in her break-up with Heath Ledger. The two met and consummated their hipster love (resulting in adorable old-lady-named daughter Matilda) on the set of Brokeback Mountain, staring all wide and googly-eyed at each other from the Oscar red carpet to the set of Oprah, finally settling down in a Cobble Hill brownstone that made us sick with jealousy. We cried inside for, like, a second when we heard the news of their break-up, but now we see that Michelle is better off (even if her short 'do is a Glamour Don't). Our judgments, after the jump...


Heath is off in Europe promoting the off-kilter Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There at the Venice Film Festival, while Michelle stays home to push Matilda around in a stroller. The problem? Michelle stars in I'm Not There too. Why does Heath get to globetrot and pose for the cameras while Michelle pads around barefoot with a baby on her hip? Also, Radar reports that Michelle missed out on pal Erin Fetherston's fashion show last night - they think it's cause she wanted to avoid those pesky reporters from the gossip mags, but we prefer to think it's because she couldn't find a babysitter [Ed. Note: We're available]. Heath, your nekkidness once was the glory of our laptop screensaver, but we are so over you. And Michelle, take heart - breakups may make you sad, but they're turning once-gorg Heath into a greasy, stringy-haired ugly face. You win!

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I always categorized Heath as a prime example of a male Butterface... I never quite understood why women found him hot. Oh well, I suppose it's the same reason my ex never understood why I found Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman, and a slew of other questionable actresses attractive.