Break out the White Angels! Holly Golightly is 50. Okay, she's actually 70 or 84, depending on how you date it (and you know she'd be an amazing old lady) but Breakfast at Tiffany's marks half a century today, and Vintage is celebrating with a brand-new edition of Truman Capote's gauzy classic. And Holly's favored tipple, by the by, is “one-half vodka, one-half gin, no vermouth” — we don't really see anyone making it to breakfast on that... at Tiffany's or otherwise. [Observer]


Jamie Sommers

I never liked this movie at all. Holly Golightly seemed like an irresponsible brat. I didn't get the thing about eating breakfast in front of a closed jewelry store. Oh, and Mickey Rooney has a special place in Hell for his role in this.

But Audrey looked good in that dress. *shrugs*