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Brazilian Doctor Known For Butt Enhancements Charged With Murder After Patient Dies

Illustration for article titled Brazilian Doctor Known For Butt Enhancements Charged With Murder After Patient Dies
Image: AP

A man known as Dr. Bum Bum—the Brazilian doctor known for butt enhancements with more than 650,000 followers on Instagram—has been arrested and charged with murder, the Washington Post reports, after one of his patients, a mother of two, died.


According to the Post, Dr. Bum Bum, whose real name is Denis Furtado, traveled to Rio de Janiero to give the mother, Lilian Calixto, butt injections in her home. Furtado took her to the hospital after she developed complications, but the doctors were not able to save her. In response to her death, the head of Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society has said that “you cannot perform plastic surgery inside an apartment.”

The Post reports that Furtado is not licensed to practice in Rio.

Both Furtado’s girlfriend and his mother have been arrested as well. Furtado has posted a series of videos defending himself on his Instagram.


The public prosecutor’s office has accused Furtado of taking advantage of his patients’ desire to enhance their beauty by transforming their bodies, saying that Furtado “attracted women with the false promise of quick and immediate beauty.” Read the full report here.

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