Brave Is the Latest Movie About Adolescent Female Archers to Become Number One at the Box Office

Illustration for article titled emBrave/em Is the Latest Movie About Adolescent Female Archers to Become Number One at the Box Office

Brave, the movie about a parasitic clump of red hair and the young Scottish girl it's chosen as a host, has grabbed the number one box office spot with a $66.7 million haul this weekend, making it the fifth best debut ever for a Pixar movie. It's also the second movie this year featuring an adolescent female archer as the protagonist, which, with just a few more iterations, could become its own esoteric Netflix scroll-thru genre. Even with some curmudgeonly-sounding negative reviews, Brave, Pixar's first movie with a female lead, should prove successful enough to merit as many sequels as there are phalangees on a Disney executive.


Box Office Report: ‘Brave' Hits Bullseye With $66.7 Mil [THR]

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I saw this yesterday and I enjoyed it a great deal! I read the io9 review before seeing it and I am even more entertained by the ridiculousness of the snarky comments on that article now that I have seen it. Basically, the commenters seemed to agree that Brave was simultaneously exactly the same as Mulan, exactly the same as How to Train Your Dragon and exactly the same as Braveheart. They are so wrong it is hilarious.

Brave and Mulan are similar in that they both have girls who touch weapons at some point during the movie, and neither girl is always obedient to her parents. There is also an element of magic in both stories. Can you imagine if movies starring boys were considered "exactly the same" if they met those characteristics? That's SO MANY MOVIES. SO MANY.

Brave and How to Train Your Dragon both have Scottish-sounding background music and other elements of Scotland in the setting. Both star youths with red or red-ish hair. There is an element of magic. Both families are war-prone. THOSE ARE NONE OF THE IMPORTANT PARTS OF EITHER MOVIE. If you think that these two movies are the same, then any movies starring blonde teenagers in middle-class America are all inherently exactly the same.

Brave and Braveheart both have the word "brave" in the title. Scotland is involved. So are weapons. The end.

In conclusion, internet commenters are dumb. Also, Brave is a wonderful movie and you should see it.