Bratz — the movie based on the dolls — has made over $9 million in this country and another $8 in foreign sales, for a total of just over $18.2 million to date. This doesn't include sales of the dolls or the Broadway musical in the works. And despite criticism, sales are good, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "At best, they've been described as oversexualized, scantily clad dolls that teach tweens terrible lessons, especially about dressing provocatively to attract boys. At worst, they've been called hoochie mamas, floozies, tarts and call girls." Plus, did you know some Bratz dolls have bellybutton piercings? Sigh. We want to weigh in on this so badly, we may end up buying the DVD when it comes out. But maybe a bootleg. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]


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Why do mothers buy these fictional slutbags for their girls?? No, seriously. WHY???

Hey, how about the toy industry braintrust starts promoting stuff like "Fisher-Price: My First Vibrator" for the tween girl set instead of crazy-pornified anti-female body image destructors. Because if we're going to be hyper-sexualizing them, let's at least skip the subliminal and get straight to the good stuff!

Can the Jezebel barf bags be made in doll accessory size?