Bratz: Campaign To Convince Parents Movie Is Harmless In Full Effect

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Maybe you heard? Bratz: The Movie is opening this week. Both the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer have profiles on the stars of the film today. One of the young actresses tells the reporter from the Post, "I didn't know anything about the dolls at all. Then people, like my friends, heard I was going to be in the movie and they said, 'Oh, so you're going to be a slut doll?'" Those pesky Bratz! Their bad reputation precedes them. But don't worry about impressionable young girls watching a movie filled with tiny tops and fishnets. "In the movie, the way we dress is very cute," actress Logan Browning says. "It's typical teenager wear," adds her costar, Skyler Shaye.


Nathalia Ramos, who plays Yasmin (and whom we suspect has been coached), sums it up: "Nothing scandalous. One of the things about the movie is to change the reputation of the dolls." Hear that, parents? The movie will not be skanky!

Over in the Inquirer, the stars emphasize the positivity and friendship of the movie. (The word "friend" or "friendship" appears six times in the article.) "Moms love it," says Ramos. "There's this one line where Cloe goes, 'My mom is my hero,' and all the moms in the audience just go, 'Awww.'" So. For those slow to pick up: Kids lured in by a glamorous, pseudo-sexy doll are getting the old bait-and-switch, because the movie is not like that at all. Skanky doll; clean movie. Any questions?

By the way, a few reviews are in over at Rotten Tomatoes. Some highlights:

"The storyline is almost too easy to rag on, what with its almost complete incoherence..."

"Wow, is this movie mind-numblingly vapid and shrill."

"'Bratz' is like being raped by MySpace."

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The Unsluttification Of Bratz?



these dolls make me throw up in my mouth. i took my neices ( 6 and 8) back to school shopping sunday and 80% of the clothes for thier age were bratz slut wear. auntie taught them the important lesson of " dress with class... not like trash" as we weeded through to find non - hooker wear for school. ::sigh::