In an interview given to US Magazine, Angelina Jolie referred to the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" as the movie where her children's "parents fell in love," thereby setting off a storm of "Angie Falls In Love With Brad While Brad Is Still With Jen" hullabaloo that has, at this point, spawned over 1,200 comments on the US Weekly website, most of which are either nasty shots at Angelina for being a "homewrecker," or nasty shots at Jennifer for being "boring." You know what's really boring? The endless bloody love triangle between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston.Can we just call shenanigans on this business, please, and stop acting like it's 2005? I know Angelina has a movie to promote, and the Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer storyline isn't exactly super exciting material, but doves, it's 2008. The world is in a bit of a shambles. Wearing a "Team Jolie" shirt at this point is a bit like wearing a "Kerry 2004" t-shirt in an unironic fashion. That mess doesn't matter anymore, it's the past, a lot has happened since then, let's all buy some new shirts and move on. It's hard to say whose fault it is: the tabloids have been hanging on this lopsided love triangle for years, and with every movie premiere, there seems to come an interview from one member of this tiresome threesome wherein a "painful secret is revealed" or "wounds are healed" or "love conquers all." Angelina Jolie, in fairness, is more well known for her personal life than her films, and Aniston's post-Friends career has been quietly, but not overly, successful. Brad Pitt seems to stand around like any high school boy who has two popular girls fighting over him, wearing his stupid hat and showing little emotion. The Jolie-Pitts have created a life for themselves, adopting children and forming a lovely little family. And while they are overexposed, one can not deny the charity work the Jolie-Pitts have committed to over the past few years. Do the celebrities know what they're doing when they drop quotes like this? Maybe. (Ok, probably.) Though she never said she stole Brad Pitt away, her quote was interpreted as such, which, as Jolie probably knows, will ensure that this endless cycle of nonsense and empty stories will fill the front page of every tabloid until her movie comes out, fades away, and another log needs to be placed on this ridiculous celebrity fire. I suppose I am contributing to the problem by even discussing it, but please, people, for the love of all things, stop this madness. They don't care what you think of them, they just want you to think of them, period. And maybe if we move away from "homewrecker" and "boring" into something that goes beyond a 3-year old scandal, we'll all be better off. Oh, and Brad, you really need to ditch that hat. Angelina Jolie: I Fell In Love With Brad When He Was Still With Jen [US Weekly]