Brandy Insists 'The Song Is Mine' and Not Monica's

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Brandy’s feud with Monica is guaranteed to outlive us all.

Over the weekend, at an Essence Fest event in New Orleans, Brandy performed “The Boy is Mine,” her collaboration with Monica that spent 13 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998. While singing the closing refrain, Brandy changed the lyric from “the boy is mine” to “the song is mine,” which HipHopDX and Billboard and Bossip have interpreted as “a clear jab” at her former duet partner.


This “clear jab” follows a bunch of other jabs from Brandy, clear and unclear alike, over the past 20 years, including but not limited to: strategically changing lyrics during nationally televised live performances (to allegedly address Monica) to Instagram post tributes to her friend and icon Whitney Houston. In one year, Brandy’s beef with Monica will be able to walk. In four years, it will be able to talk. In seven to eight years, it will enter its Saturn return, at which point may God have mercy on us all.

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Sticky Burnz

Brandy seems like the worst. Who is still listening to her perform that song? Was her show at Essence Fest free? In the parking lot?