See the fat guy? That's Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, brother of Brandon Davis, and I'm posting this picture to welcome him back into the realm of the healthy. See, Jason was photographed yesterday by an agency Jezebel doesn't subscribe to sucking a lollipop, looking in good spirits and good health after an autumn spent fighting a scary antibiotic-resistant staph infection, otherwise known as MRSA, that he maybe caught at the hospital trying to get surgery on his fatness, but no matter it's over and that's why we celebrating him now. You see, it has, if anything, been a prescription drug-addled year for celebrities. Paris has openly discussed her Adderall, Britney's toted around Provigil, Lindsay maybe tried out Vivitrol and Al Gore III sped through Southern California with a small pharmacy's worth of prescription-strength uppers, downers, seratonin-reuptake inhibitors and more downers in his glove compartment. But sadly, it's unclear whether any of them worked; Paris never got much of an attention span, Britney still slept through her court-appointed drug tests and no prescription drug seemed capable of restoring the joy of life to Anna Nicole. Not so for Gummi Bear and his premium antibiotic, Zyvox!


It may have cost $4,000 a pop but Gummi Bear and his Pfizer-manufactured antibiotic took on the superbug and apparently won. And celebrity justice prevails again... until the staph bacteria smartens up and learns to resist all the pricey new drugs, that is! Anyway, I'm doing this post because I"m trying to write a story on superbugs and staph infections and how there's really not much in the pipelines of the major pharmaceutical companies, but not enough money or potential payoff at the little biotech firms to go through the gazillion dollar process of testing new antibiotics, so the world might be kind of screwed, and speaking of screwed, I keep meaning to write this story but I have this damn day job. Oh! And drink Kombucha. Love!

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