Brad Pitt Rants Against Celeb Shutterbugs On Today

Ann Curry had a one-on-one with a mustachioed Brad Pitt on Today this morning. Pitt was there to talk about his Make It Right Foundation, which aims to build 150 homes for residents of the lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. But naturally, Ann got him to talk about the kids. (Right after he said he wouldn't talk about his personal life.) "I feel rich being around them," he said. "Surprisingly, though, six kids are not as easy as you would think." Ann also brought up the W photo shoot of Angie, but Brad was most passionate when talking about the paparazzi: "I hate 'em… I hate these people…There should be laws against it." Clip above.


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Ok. I am sooooo sick of this shit. No one courts the media more than these two. Every time they have a kid they put out a big photo spread. Be less visible!