Brad Pitt, Lone Wolf Once More

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Brad Pitt and his model “girlfriend,” 27-year-old Nicole Poturalski, have broken up. But I ask you: Is it even a breakup if two people were probably never really together in the first place?


A source told Page Six that the pair is super done after just two months, well before anyone could create a stupid mashup of their names, like NiBra or PiPo (though those would have been good options):

The couple, who were first spotted together in August, are “totally over,” according to a source.

“It was never all that serious as it was cracked up to be,” the source said.

We’re told the breakup happened “a while back.”

Their fling probably wasn’t fated to last long, since Poturalski is already married to 68-year-old Roland Mary, with whom she has an open relationship. Poturalski was nothing but a brief, sexy blip in Pitt’s life, and ours. I’ve already completely forgotten about her. Who? [Page Six]

A new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians reveals that Khloé was diagnosed with the dread ‘rona.

Sounds awful! Despite vomiting, hot and cold flashes, a burning cough and “the craziest headache,” Khloé still chose to attend Kim’s already-infamous 40th birthday celebration on a private island. As a reminder, non-essential travel is still quite discouraged, whether you have a reality show or not! [YouTube]

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BrianGriffin makes bad decisions

Could you imagine be a 56(!!!!) year old, dating someone almost 30(!!!!!!) years your junior, and being the “young guy” in her love life? Good god the pretty people are not like us.