Brad Parscale Reportedly Had Weapons Stockpile; Wife Who Called Cops Alleged Prior Abuse

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Image: Tom Brenner (Getty Images)

On Sunday, Brad Parscale, a former campaign manager for Donald Trump, was taken to the hospital following an emergency call in which his wife allegedly reported he had threatened self-harm. The Sun-Sentinel is now reporting more details of the incident, which is described as a standoff between a well-armed Parscale and police; it was diffused, eventually, by the arrival of Parscale’s personal police-officer friend, Officer Christopher Wilson.


Candice Parscale, Brad’s wife, called the police to their Florida home, reportedly saying that an argument between the two escalated when her husband loaded a gun. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Candice ran from the house and called the police from the neighbors’ house. She allegedly told a 911 dispatcher that she’d heard a gunshot after she left her home and was concerned her husband had died by suicide, emphasizing that he had been stressed and made comments threatening self-harm. Police later discovered that Parscale had ten weapons inside his home.

Police reported that Candice had bruises on her body, which she said were inflicted by her husband earlier in the week. An officer who spoke to Parscale before he exited his home said Parscale’s speech was slurred. Officers were unable to get Parscale to leave his house, calling SWAT and a hostage negotiator to the scene. It wasn’t until Wilson, who claimed to be a personal friend of Parscale, arrived on the scene and called Parscale getting him to exit the home. Parscale was subdued by officers after refusing to hit the ground for arrest.

Parscale, who was sitting on a small stockpile of weapons, which included pistols and a rifle, and allegedly abused his wife, was peacefully taken into police custody and committed for psychiatric evaluation.


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