Brace Yourselves: The Next Season of Jersey Shore Will Offer 'Fist Pumps and Baby Bumps'

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Get out the hairspray and start hitting the tanning booth, because it's just been announced that Jersey Shore is coming back for a sixth season. The even more exciting is the news that Snooki's baby bump is going to be joining in the cast.


Here's MTV's official word on the new season:

MTV gets ready for fist pumps and baby bumps. … America's favorite housemates will all return to their home-away-from-home, and the house dynamic is headed into unchartered territory . . .as their lives outside the "Shore" take off in exciting new directions.

It appears Snooks probably won't be living in the house with the rest her party people, which should reduce the cringe-factor by about 99%, but still, it will be interesting to see how Mommy Snooki (Mooki?) mixes with the frozen-in-time crew that old Snooki got along with so well. [Us, Extra TV]

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It seems a troublesome wind has blown into Oprah's enchanted forest. First of all, after her network, OWN, cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show late last week, it's now being reported that she and Rosie are no longer on speaking terms. Even worse, news broke this afternoon that Oprah had to lay off 30 OWN staffers. There were some very high-level people in the mix. This is being positioned as a restructuring, but it certainly doesn't sound so good. One source told TMZ, "It's like a ghost town over there." [ONTD, Deadline, TMZ]

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Permanently pregnant star Jessica Simpson was almost hit by a falling tree branch while walking in Venice, California, with her fiancé on Saturday. Luckily, she seems to be wearing some kind of magical cloak which must have protected her from harm. She's totally fine after the incident, but if you were hoping the fright was enough to send her into labor, you would be wrong. She was still pregnant as of Sunday, when she attended her baby shower. And, in case you spent yesterday recovering from your St. Patrick's Day pub crawl and weren't able to attend, you'll want to know that she wore a blue snakeskin dress to the affair and "seemed completely ecstatic." [E!, Us]

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A few months ago, we found out that Josh Lucas got engaged to a mystery woman after he had a moment of clarity during a late night encounter with a mountain lion. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Well, now it's been revealed that this woman's name is Jessica, and she's a freelance writer. Oh, and they got married already and are now expecting a baby. Congratulations, you two. Let us be the first to suggest that you name the baby Mountain Lion Lucas. [Us]

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If you were hoping for some kind of nasty, baseless feud between the casts of the established Twilight series and the young upstart, The Hunger Games, keep dreaming. Kristin Stewart said on the Today Show that she "can't wait to see the movie." Of course, it's possible she's seething with an inner jealousy, but probably she's just relieved that the cameras will be constantly trained on something other than where her lips are in relation to Robert Pattinson's. [E!]

  • For a minute there, it looked like Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy might have also gotten secretly wed. Her mom, Goldie Hawn, said this in an interview: "When my daughter Kate married an English rock star it didn't worry me. All that matters is that the relationship is a good one." That led people to conclude that Kate had snuck off to the altar with the father of her 8-month-old baby boy, Bing. Her reps deny that couple has wed, so Goldie's comments probably have more to do with the fact that Goldie just thinks of the two as married. She calls longtime partner Kurt Russell her husband sometimes, and they're not married either. So, hold off on sending Kate that fondue pot for now. [Us]

    OK, phew, maybe Bobbi Kristina Brown is not engaged to her "brother" Nick Gordon after all. Her rep is saying that BK is "simply wearing her mother's ring." That would make sense, of course it doesn't explain why she and Nick have been seen canoodling in public, but at this point we'll take what we can get. [E!]

    Apparently Katy Perry really does not want to run into her iPhone-throwing ex Russell Brand. She was hanging out at a karaoke bar in London this weekend having a jolly old time when, a source says, she got word that Russell was about to show up at the club:

    Katy was having a great night but bolted out the door when one of her sidekicks stunned her by telling her Russ was about to turn up. Rather than risk an awkward run-in, Katy didn't take any chances and ordered everyone to move on to a club in Chelsea instead.

    Crisis averted. Maybe they should have sorted this out in the divorce—like he gets custody of all the fun places in the whole of the U.K., and she gets custody of all the clubs in the U.S. [Digital Spy]

    Our dream of launching Ashton Kutcher into space is about to come true. He's become the 500th person to sign on for a ride in the Virgin Galactic spacecraft, owned by eccentric gajillionaire Richard Branson. [THR]

    After being arrested this weekend, George Clooney used his jailhouse phone call to call his mom. Aww. It makes sense, since he was also with his dad, and she was probably wondering what they were getting up to. But let's go ahead and read a ton of feelings into the fact that he didn't call his girlfriend Stacy Keibler first. [HuffPo]

    Jon Hamm is usually right about everything, but when it comes to his own appearance, he seems to have a blind spot: "I don't necessarily think of myself like the handsome guy. That's reserved for Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds and those guys." Oh, Jon, Jon, Jon. If only you would come closer so we could whisper softly into your ear about just how wrong you are. [People]

    The cast of Lifetime's all-black version of Steel Magnolias has finally been announced, and it's packed with star power. Truvy Jones will be played by Jill Scott, M'lynn will be played by Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard will be Ouiser Boudreaux, and Phylicia Rashad will be Clairee Belcher, among others. Start making your armadillo red velvet cakes now, because it's due out at the end of the year. [ABC]

    Hugh Grant is finally revealing the name of his daughter, who was born in October. It's Tabitha. One of Sarah Jessica Parker's twins is also named Tabitha. So I'd say we can safely add it to the list of trend celebrity names. [E!]

    Aaand the Hollywood babies just keep rolling in. Modern Family's Ty Burrell and his wife Holly have adopted a baby girl. The couple already has one daughter, Frances. No word on what this new little one is named, but let's all place our money on Tabitha, shall we? [People]

    Here are four otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Why don't we call them Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Benedict Cumberbatch? [Dangerous Minds]

    Ahh, the long national nightmare that was Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination suit against Desperate Housewives has finally come to an end… Sort of. There was a hung jury, and the judge declared a mistrial. So, now we get to look forward to a retrial at some point in the future. [TMZ]

    And, finally, some good news: after suffering from a heart attack last week, comedian Gallagher has been taken out of his medically-induced coma and is apparently doing well and cracking jokes. [AP]



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