Straps dig, underwires poke, clasps chafe. Do you dream of a better bra? Have you heard that 8 out of 10 women in the U.S. wear the wrong size bra? Did you know that the current bra-sizing formula was devised in 1935? The Telegraph reports that finally, bra scientists (imagine their business cards!) have come up with a new way to produce "shaplier outlines and greater comfort." The scientists claim that there are more than 100 measurements necessary to produce the perfect fit, but they've narrowed them down to eight factors, by making 3D scans of nude breasts, which is probably not how bras were designed in 1935.

"A woman's breast is a very complex 3D geometry," a team in Hong Kong stated. To which we say, duh! We're not sure the 456 Chinese women scanned is a large enough sampling to overhaul the system — shouldn't the scientists try to hit different countries and races? But soon there could be more choices in the lingerie department: The DWR sizing (that's depth/width ratio) could increase the number of existing bra sizes by between eight and 16. At last: Unmentionables worth mentioning.


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