Just like we won't let our mom buy us socks or underwear for our birthday anymore (do all moms like to give grandma panties and anklets with cat-prints to their adult daughters?) we're a little dubious about the idea of letting a man do our shopping for us. (Tampons, yes; tent-dress, no.) But in the Midwest, the ladies are a lot more laid-back about the idea! Yesterday's Minneapolis-Star Tribune (via Milwaukee's hometown paper) reports on a trend of men in the Wisconsin city who are "holding up dresses and tops for consideration" and walking out with goodies for their wives and girlfriends.

At Detour, a male and female boutique, co-owner Jason Meyer has watched men come in to shop for themselves, but leave with clothing for the women in their lives. Granted, there's still about a 50 percent exchange rate on the women's merchandise that the men pick out. But Meyer gives the guys points for trying.

'It's really cute to see guys concerned about how their significant other is going to look,' Meyer said. 'Some of these guys are like construction workers or delivery drivers, or just like the quintessential guys. But when they get into our store, they change. They really get into it.'

Cute, right? Except... maybe not? After all, most of the people we know who work in retail say that the seemingly-straight men they see shopping alone in women's departments or boutiques are usually shopping for shopping for, well, their other girlfriends... or, uh, you know, themselves! Men Who Shop, And The Women Who Love Them [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]