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A taping of Girls Gone Wild (the nipple-flash video franchise owned by lawsuit-attracting and sexual harassment victim, Joe Francis) was cut short in Long Island, NY after a woman flagged down cops at 2:30 a.m. today outside of the Smithtown bar, nubar, and told them she had been sexually assaulted. The police then arrested a male staff member of the GGW production company near the GGW Party Bus, which was filming a segment on the search for "The Wildest Bar in America." Details as to the nature of the assault and the arrested staff member have not yet been made public. [My Fox via Gothamist]


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One night, in college, I was hangin' out with my best friend, bein' stoned and watchin' TeeVee, and a GGW commercial comes on and suddenly he sits up straight and says, "Hold on, hold on, look at that girl" and freezes the TV on the final girl in the commercial. I was like, "Yeah?" He was like, "That girl lived next door to me. She was my first girlfriend."

There are not enoug "HA!"s in the world to convey the hilarity of that moment.

Also, and I kinda hate myself for saying this, but the shit that Joe Francis got locked up over? Total bullshit, and I actually felt real sorry for the guy. Spending months in prison because people lied, signed releases falsely, and then their parents got mad? That's not OK. I think the dude's a sleazeball, but that was really fucked up.

This... I'll wait for the facts to emerge. I'm happy to jump on the "GGW Sucks!" bandwagon as soon as I know it's not bullshit.