Boy Surprising his Grandfather will Warm Your Icy Heart

Get your tissues ready. What's the sweetest thing you can do when a grandfather living in Germany misses his U.S.-based grandson? Fly the grandson across the Atlantic and sneak him into the house while the granddad is taking an afternoon nap.


Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day [The Daily What]



I did this to my mom in Ohio once for her birthday. We live in Alberta and can only afford to travel about once a year. She's got severe progressive MS so she can't come see her granddaughter and misses her terribly. - So, with my step-dad's help we surprised her. He said he had to go to the airport to drop of a friend of the family who travels a lot. Then he comes home and yells to my mom in her bed "You will never guess who I ran into at the airport!" Then tells us "come on back here." My mom had NO idea. She said later that she was pretty much thinking "oh geeze, who is he inviting back here?" It is the best gift I've ever given anyone.