Boudoir Photography Is the Wedding Industry’s Answer to Internet Porn

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The latest trend in wedding photography is — even though it should continue to be zombie picnics — boudoir photoraphy, and it threatens to embarrass a whole generation of middle-age adults tasked one day with sorting through their recently deceased parents' secret box of stuff nobody in the family ever knew about, a box that contains dad's winning fantasy football roster, an unfinished novel about a Jewish vampire who falls in love with a Mormon werewolf, and a flipbook of mom in various stages of undress and pleasant drunkeness.


According to The Daily, boudoir photography has become popular in recent years with brides hoping to give their fellas a reason not to look at internet porn. At least, that's how Dallas-based photographer Lynn Michelle (whose boudoir packages start at $1,000) explains the burgeoning boudoir business. "A lot of women do boudoir because they're afraid their fiancés are looking at porn," explains Michelle, "and they'd rather them be looking at her."

It's like an arms race with internet porn! Michelle is currently doing between 60 and 80 shoots per year, and says her client list ranges from military brides, divorcées celebrating a second marriage, and middle-aged women who are exceedingly pleased with the results of successful plastic surgery. Another photographer named Carlie Rose says that she gets a lot of "preachers' wives," who bring "in blindfolds and thinking they're the dirtiest things ever." Then, of course, there are the women merrily engaged in a bout of paper-trail infidelity who order two boudoir books — one for their husbands, and another for their boyfriends.

Some women get more undressed than others —photographs range from "tasteful" lingerie shots to pornier pictures. Some brides wear the authentic sports jerseys their fiancés overspent on by buying through their favorite team's official website, while other brides wear clothes indicating that they know and appreciate their fiancés' hobbies, clothes like motorcycle jackets and, for one Boston woman, waders (because her husband like fishing and a hook-in-mouth shoot would have just been too macabre).

A New Jersey photographer named Tony Yang, who likes to play Britney Spears to help his clients relax, says he hates the words "classy" and "tasteful" because he's an artist and refuses to be constrained by modest adjectives. Yang encourages brides not to hold back, and so offers wine for them to sip during their shoots, which sounds like the hilarious set up for a fiancé's sudden and unexpected appearance. Misunderstandings ensue and, before you know it, we have the blocking device we need for a satisfying romantic comedy.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in...very little [The Daily]

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I'll be honest, I'm considering doing boudoir not to prevent him from looking at porn because - lets be honest, it is what it is, and it doesn't bother me- but something I can look back when i'm 80 and be like "GODDAMN I WAS HOT!".